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Sven Vath In The Mix: The Sound of the Twelfth Season - 24.11.2011

Techno - Sven Vath In The Mix: The Sound of the Twelfth Season - 24.11.2011


  • CD1: Night

01. Efdemin – There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze Remix)
02. Dense & Pika – Vomee
03. Levon Vincent – Man or Mistress
04. Boys Noize – Adonis
05. Justin Vandervolgen – Clapping Song
06. Todd Terje – Ragysh
07. Mark E – Belvide Beat
08. Chateau Flight – Chichi Devils
09. Aufgang – Dulceria (Clark Remix)
10. Gary Beck – Enough Talk
11. Benoit & Sergio – Let Me Count The Ways
12. Acquiescence – Nocturnal Wave
13. Roman Flu”gel – Brian Le Bon

  • CD2: Day

01. Move D – Workshop 13 A1
02. Omar S – Here’s Your Trance Now Dance
03. Steffi – Yours Feat. Virginia
04. Gerd – Time & Space (2011 Rub)
05. Osunlade – Envision (Âme Remix)
06. Alli Borem – Scotch Your Mind
07. Maceo Plex – Falling
08. Anthony Collins – Don’t Look Down Now (Roman Flügel Remix)
09. Philip Bader – Hou!!!
10. Matt John – The Blue Storm
11. Re. You – Ghost
12. Mark E – The Day

Sven Vaeth, Onur Ozer - Live at Cocoon ADE Special (Amsterdam) 23-10-2011

Techno - Sven Vaeth, Onur Ozer - Live at Cocoon ADE Special (Amsterdam) 23-10-2011

Album Live At Cocoon ADE Special (Amsterdam) 23-10-2011
Artist Sven Vaeth
Year 2011
Genre Techno

Tracks 1
Playtime 172:18 Mins
Avg. Bitrate 203 kb/sec
Size 250 MB

Album Live At Cocoon ADE Special (Amsterdam) 23-10-2011
Artist Onur Ozer
Year 2011
Genre Techno

Tracks 1
Playtime 39:11 Mins
Avg. Bitrate 198 kb/sec
Size 56 MB

30 Years Of Sven Vath – 23.08.2011

Tech House / Techno - 30 Years Of Sven Vath23.08.2011


01 16 Bit – Where Are You? [05:48]
02 Off – Electric Salsa (12 Video Version) [05:38]
03 Barbarella – My Name Is Barbarella [08:56]
04 Metal Master – Spectrum [06:35]
05 Sven Vath – An Accident In Paradise [06:24]
06 Sven Vath – Ritual Of Life [11:47]
07 Sven Vath – L’Esperanza [09:37]
08 Sven Vath – Dein Schweiss [04:38]
09 Vath vs Rother – Komm [07:10]
10 Vath vs Rother – Springlove [07:52]

Sven Vath interview for Cocoon In The Park 2011 

Väth is a ruler of the techno world and has been for decades. With his revered label and club of the same name, Cocoon, he has brought techno to the masses all over the world and, most famously, at Amnesia, Ibiza, since the turn of the millennium. His learned vinyl sets included sounds from a vast remit of techno; incorporate plenty of colours, oomph and dancing bait and are always served up with a loveable élan and unbridled passion. For the third time in 2011 he has curated his very own festival, Cocoon in the Park, to take place at Temple Newsam, Leeds, with Ricardo Villalobos, Reboot and Seth Troxler all joining him on the one stage for 11 hours of techno fun…

So it’s the third Cocoon in the Park…. Did you imagine it would be this successful when you started it?

To be honest, we were quite confident that Cocoon in the Park would be a success. It is rather different to other open air events in the UK (not only the playtimes of each act differ a lot), there´s also this special vibe in the beautiful surrounding of Temple Newsam. Not mentioning the brilliant sound system and last but not least the crowd, of course.

What’s the thinking behind this year’s bookings? How much thought went into it?

Well, last year I enjoyed playing with Ricardo a lot. He´s always good for a surprise behind the decks. So I wanted to have him back again. This year and for the first time, we are planning to have a live act, Reboot. Frank (Reboot) is a part of your family, even if he plays for Cadenza ;) Last but not least, we have Seth Troxler. Seth is also playing for us in Ibiza and at our festival Green &Blue, so we thought he´s the perfect first act of the day and we like his sound a lot.

There were noticeable improvements in sound and pyrotechnics in 2010… what should people expect in 2011? Would you ever add another stage?

The past two years showed that we are on the right track when it comes to sound and special effects, and I can promise that we will improve every show. This year we changed the shape of our stage for the first time and also planned to have visuals right on the surface of the tent, just to name a few changes. Regarding the second stage: There´s space enough at the venue. So you never know, but, at the moment, I think it is more interesting to concentrate on one stage.

How does the modern vibe compare to the old days when you had a residency at Orbit in Leeds? Has much changed you think? I am guessing the type of person in the crowd has change – much more cosmopolitan now…

That is true, in the old times the public was a bit more local, but thanks to falling prices of flight tickets it is quite comfortable nowadays to travel to your favourite party, even if it is in Italy, Spain or Germany. Or in Leeds;) Last March, Cocoon did a show in Austria (Cocoon in the Mountains) and two fans from Japan bought tickets. So you see, clubbing is an international thing today. And I really like that, also since I travel a lot myself. In the Orbit times, there was no social network and internet thing as it is present now, and sometimes I think the music on the spot was more in the focus and not what the DJ played two months ago 2.000 miles away… But times are changing, and everything has its good site.

What have been the major developments/evolutions at Cocoon HQ this year? What have been your most exciting projects?

Well, as I mentioned before, the first Cocoon in the Mountains event was definitely one of the highlights this year. I'm also very excited about Cocoon Ibiza 2011, as we are focussing on the people behind the scenes, the heroes of the party, so to speak. Of course, the artists and the people you see in front of the curtain are also a big part of the party, but this season, I especially wanted to stress the fact that without the many helping hands in Germany and Spain (and several more places...), the Cocoon Ibiza universe would never be able to unfold.
After the summer season, I'm looking forward to this year's Green & Blue open air near Frankfurt, where I share the stage with Carl Craig, and also Seth Troxler is again part of the line up.

Is it true you carry inflatable beds round to put your decks on when DJing? Do you find sets up for vinyl DJ are not as cared about as they were in clubs around the world now?

There's nothing more annoying than jumping needles during your set. In the past, the promoters cared a lot about the vinyl DJ's setup, but with the growing number of DJs playing with CDs or laptops, these priorities have moved a lot. Indeed, even on the stages of big festivals, it is sometimes really hard to play when you recognise that the decks you play on have been out of use for a long time and have obviously been reactivated just for you. But even if it may be inconvenient, I insist on my record players.

What is it about vinyl you love so much do you think? Would you ever play digitally?

At the end of last year, I wrote a short essay about DJing as such and vinyl DJing in particular. Over the last few years, there have been many comments as well as discussions on the sound of a vinyl disc (which is, by the way, still the main analogue music carrier). However, no matter how you look at it: a well-manufactured record, played with a good pick-up system on a good pre-amp / mixing console simply sounds better than any of its digital competitors. Vinyl is THE medium for everybody who sets high values on good sound. I could never imagine myself working with a 'sync button', because I would miss the tension and, besides that, something very essential: the fun of mixing! I'm also not a fan of effects and artificial breaks. Sure, some shenanigans with the equalizer are rather normal and can be indeed impressive when used but I want to emphasize that the music I play does not need any post-processing, edits and the like, as it already contains a certain originality and is not only able to keep its character, but to even develop and unfold it! Also as an author and producer, I would not be happy if my song was totally cut up and drowned in effects, I mean, what remains from your song then? There's a big fluctuation nowadays, the DJ acts as the producer and the producer acts as the DJ. Blame it on technology!

And do you ever get the urge to produce more music? If not, I wonder why given you run such a successful label in Cocoon so must have a great ear…

Believe me, I really would love to have more time to produce and to work in the studio with talented young artists. But now I have a little son, he was born in October 2010, and I want to spend as much time with him as possible, so this activity must step back, given the many other obligations I already have as a company owner and international artist. I think that I have a good ear for new and interesting music, but also my team at Cocoon Recordings is extremely important for me, and together we are providing the basis for the continuing success of the label.

What else are you looking forward to in 2011?

One thing I'm proud of is the concert of Ryuichi Sakamoto at the cocoonclub in Frankfurt – even if I'm not able to be there, as I play in Detroit that night. Ryuichi is one of the greatest artists in contemporary music, so it's a great honour for us to have him play in our club. At the cocoonclub, we are regularly inviting guests from other musical styles, especially from Jazz and Classic Music. Last month, for instance, we had Francesco Tristano, who is currently on everyone's lips with his phenomenal album "bachCage".

Saturday 9th July
Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Reboot, Seth Troxler
Temple Newsam / Leeds
11:00 - 23:0, Capacity 12,500

Cocoon In The Park 2011 announced with Sven Vath, Ricardo Villalobos, Reboot


Sven Väth
Ricardo Villalobos
Seth Troxler

Genre Techno / Tech-House
Date Saturday 9th July
Location Temple Newsam / Leeds
Duration 11:00 - 23:00
Capacity 12,500

Cocoon in the Park 2011 returns to Temple Newsam, Leeds, for our third spectacular open-air festival, the only one of it's kind in the UK.
Set a stone's throw from Leeds city centre the Cocoon in the Park festival site lies within the grounds of a 450-year-old mansion house surrounded by forests and lakes in a celebrated area of outstanding natural beauty. The historic estate of Temple Newsam once again plays host to an exclusive lineup over one stage led by Cocoon ringmaster Sven Väth with support from Ricardo Villalobos, Reboot and Seth Troxler.
The site includes various food outlets and bars, a chill-out area and a VIP platform where VIP ticketholders can enjoy views across the site and main stage with access to separate toilets and a bar. The main stage, nestled in front of a tree-lined verge of woodland, is powered by a Funktion-One PA custom-built by festival sound specialists Audio-Plus, state of the art pyrotechnics, a live VJ projecting on to two huge LCD screens either side of the stage, and of course the Cocoon dance troupe will perform on a purpose-built runway surrounding the stage.
Expect nothing less than the usual breathtaking Cocoon production, attention to detail and top quality soundtrack to one of the biggest and talked about events in the North of England.
Join Cocoon, System and thousands of like-minded souls for what promises to be the ultimate boutique festival experience.

  •   Sven Väth

Väth is a ruler of the techno world and has been for decades. With his revered label and club of the same name, Cocoon, he has brought techno to the masses all over the world and, most famously, at Amnesia, Ibiza, since the turn of the millennium. His learned vinyl sets included sounds from a vast remit of techno; incorporate plenty of colours, oomph and dancing bait and, all the while, are served up with a loveable élan and unbridled passion.

  • Ricardo Villalobos

The most revered of all the minimalists, Chilean Ricardo Villalobos has long been a genre leader. His avant-guard electronic sounds (for his own Sei Es Drum as well as the likes of Perlon) push the boundaries of what is possible both on an electronic full length and a simple 12”, whilst his sets cause roadblocks wherever they are in the world. No one else pulls out quite such a varied selection of records, laces them together so skilfully and has quite the ear for a groove as Ricardo.

  • Reboot

German producer Reboot has a long history of great productions on labels like Cadenza and Cocoon and is regarded as one of the finest DJs and live acts of the day. His sets incorporate the whole spectrum from deep minimal sounds to driving electronic-tech vibes and oldshool House. For the last few years the man has been playing at clubs such as Cocoon Club, Panoramabar, Club 11, Fabric and many more.

  • Seth Troxler

He’s the techno dandy every girl wants to date and every boy wants to be. Warm and enigmatic techno releases on Wolf + Lamb, Spectral Sound; a compilation on BPitch and a residency at Ibiza’s DC:10 last year have all propelled this Detroit born Berlin based party starter into the spotlight in recent years. His sets weave colour with emotion everywhere from Fabric to Watergate and back again.

Mixmag Announces Results Of "Greatest DJ Of All Time" Poll - Tiesto won

Since September 2010, Mixmag, the world’s biggest clubbing and dance music magazine, has asked dance music fans around the world to vote in the only DJ poll that matters: The Greatest DJ Of All Time.
The huge online poll canvassed the views of hundreds of thousands of clubbers asking them to vote and debate a shortlist of DJs nominated by some of the biggest stars in dance music, the results are released today in the February 2011 issue of Mixmag.
The Top Ten Greatest DJs of All Time, as voted for by dance music fans across the globe, are:

1. Tiësto

2. Richie Hawtin
3. Sven Väth

4. Carl Cox
5. Ricardo Villalobos
6. Andy C
7. Paul van Dyk
8. Tony De Vit
9. Sasha
10. 2ManyDJs

Nick DeCosemo, Editor of Mixmag said:
"Obviously with any public poll the results reflect current popularity as much as overall contribution, but we think that the top 10 reflects a great spread of dance music genres and DJs over time; from techno, well represented by the likes of Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth to drum 'n' bass with Andy C or hard dance with the sadly departed Tony De Vit. And of course, Tiësto, undoubtedly the biggest DJ in history. For us, though, the result has always been secondary. The really great thing is the way that the process has sparked such passionate debate – from Facebook and Twitter to clubs and afterparties around the world. Also, we hope we've achieved our aim of opening clubbers' eyes to some of the lesser known pioneers of the scene, DJs like Francis Grasso, Larry Levan and even Jimmy Savile (all included in our shortlist) who were so pivotal in creating the culture that we know and love today. We don't expect the debate to end here!"
A shortlist of 35 DJs were put together, with each nominee chosen by another big name from the world of dance music.
The nominees ranged from across the spectrum and history of dance music and included the likes of:
… Contemporary superstars such as Fatboy Slim, Tiësto, Richie Hawtin, 2ManyDJs, Erol Alkan, Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Paul van Dyk and Andy C
… Founding figures of disco like Francis Grasso and David Mancuso
… Original house DJ Larry Levan (championed by Arthur Baker)
… The godfathers of hip hop such as Grandmaster Flash and Kool Herc
… Paul Oakenfold and Sasha, the first of the superstar DJs
… NY warehouse legend François K (championed by dubstep pioneer Mala)
… The first person to set up two turntables in a club, Jimmy Savile!

Sven Vath @ Cocoon Amsterdam

Techno / Tech House Sven Vath @ Cocoon Amsterdam

Sven Vath
The super suave master of ceremonies himself SVEN VATH lays down some serious thump through old school vinyl and technics at Cocoon during the Amsterdam Dance Event. Soon after taking control he proceeds to smash the place to bits. Those in Amsterdam on Queens Night (april 29th) can look forward to the maestro performing again as Cocoon returns for another round of madness.
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