Carlo Astuti Feat. Evan Mellows - Stare Into The Stars

Carlo Astuti comes out with a wonderful new track 'Stare Into The Stars' on Manufactured Music, the label of Manufactured Superstars.

What do you do when you have a BEATPORT NUMBER1 HIT RECORD to your name on the OVERALL CHART? You take your time to work on a follow up that amazes audiences once again. That's exactly what CARLO ASTUTI did. We all know him for his massive track 'IF YOU WOULD' from 2012. Now it's time for the follow-up to that record titled 'STARE INTO THE STARS' featuring Evan Mellows. The great vocal arrangement will have you mesmerized all the way to the high-energy chords of the drop. The single is to be released on the label of Manufactured Superstars MANUFACTURED MUSIC September 16th.

Carlo Astuti is anything but a new name to the scene. At the young age of 14 Carlo fell in love with electronic music, in particular House Music. Realizing that his niche in music was live performance and production, DJ'ing proved to be the perfect outlet for his ambitions. Carlo’s popularity quickly grew in Italy’s music scene, before he moved to Los Angeles/USA to further his career.

Carlo Astuti Feat. Evan Mellows – Stare Into The Stars

OUT SEP 16th On Manufactured Music


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